My theme ~ Design
I often redo my personal designs because I am still trying to find my own style. I feel that I have come a long way on that part both in my designs and photo editing.

I finally have my finished color palette!
This took some time even if I already knew what colors I wanted. The hard part was which shade I know I can stick by.
I now have a lighter and darker color of pink and blue. 3 shades of grey and the last 2 are black and white.

My all-time favorite font for simplicity is Century Gothic. It has been my go-to font ever since I first used a computer! So I had to have it in my theme along with the font called "Mark my words". I have been looking for a font like that in several years and I’m so happy that I finally got the one.
Of course, I added some other fonts in my theme just as a backup.

In the very beginning I wanted to have CB as a logo but not in handwriting. The C was supposed to be a bold one and B a lower or uppercase and thin. I did some searching on google but it seemed like many of those logos I found was very alike to my sketches. It didn’t work out because I wanted mine to be unique and personal so I had to start over. Which brings us to my current logo that I am very satisfied with! I drew it as a sketch on my phone, transferred to my laptop and finished the logo in Illustrator. I also have a bold C logo that I don't use at all but still decided to keep in my files.
Last but not least ~ Me ^^
I wasn't into the whole floating head thing and the hair. Sure I wanted it curly and huge as it is in real life but it looked better in my sketch than it did when I finished. The hair sticking outwards wasn't supported by lines on the inside so it ended up looking really weird. I wanted to fix it but was too annoyed to bother I guess.

And I think it was for the best anyway because my actual hair has become more straight through time! And no, I haven't done anything to make that happen. Not intentionally and not that I know of. Some say it's because my hair is long and I understand what they mean but I don't think that's what it is in my case. I have thought about it and I remember that through the years ever since I was a baby my curls kept changing. When I was a baby/toddler I had very curly hair but since I was like 8 to 14 years old, my hair was slightly straighter. After that, it started getting more curly again. Now we are back to what my hair looked like at age 8 - 14.

Moving on!
So, I also had to do something about the floating head part. It looked too weird. 
I felt a little bit stuck at first because I couldn’t decide if I was gonna choose a V neck or a slight round one. I even tried other styles.
I was playing around by making a V neck and have the end part of the dress rounded (check the image above). I made an extra copy of it turned it upside-down and pulled the round part inward and voila ~ a collar has been made! I am so happy with the result!
Glasses & eyebrows
The eyebrows are still the same in a way. I just had to move it a bit and make it slightly longer. Now I don't look so angry ^^
The new eyeglasses were made from scratch. I will add some reflections on it sometime soon.

Now that I've mentioned that.. I realise that its the only thing I made from scratch except for the dress that I've added. The hair looks very new but it's actually based on the old one. I just moved, removed and added point lines.

All these small changes combined made a huge difference for the looks but in a good way.

Obviously, I will make very slight changes through time just for improvement and keeping it fresh hehe but this is the base and I won't make any major changes anymore.

I've wanted to publish this post a while ago but I kept holding back because I knew I still had much to do. Now that it's done, I hope you enjoyed it as I have tried my best to keep this as informative as it is compact.

Kathryn Bernardo
It's been a while since I posted anything on my blog except for the previous one so I will be explaining a short version of why I've been away.
Although I am gonna save that post for later. 
This is a quick illustration of Kathryn Bernardo who is a Philippine celebrity. And I didn't say, actress, because as most celebs in the Philippines, she does more than just her amazing series & movie acts. She also sings and models for magazines. One of those magazines is MEGA which is the biggest fashion magazine in the Philippines where she models for one of thé best photographers (in my opinion) Mark Nicdao. 
I don't know much but I just love humble celebs and just a few days ago I wished I had Marks job, haha so I thought why not make illustrations instead because I don't think my dream job will come true and I picked Kathryn because she's the first person on my list who I would like to photograph. Well, actually Kathryn and Daniel because they are a love-team. Maybe I should make an illustration of them together?
Some of you may have already seen this illustration of Kathryn because I already shared it on Instagram two days ago. Speaking of Instagram, I will always be active there because it's my go-to place in the cyber world. So when I am not blogging, you can catch me there! @CarolBlomarv
Muhammad Ali • Illustration
DAY June 14, 2016 I created this simple illustration of Muhammad Ali. I recorded it as well. After a few crashes, song searching, creating an intro and outro (I guess it's the right word), I have finally managed to finish this video. The background music is actually shorter than the video itself so I just added extras so that it would just keep repeating. Blending the track wasn't easy though. And if I would perfect it more it would take more time but I didn't had any more patience because it's been a week since I recorded this and I was too excited to upload it on YouTube hahah. 
I don't know Muhammad Ali more than his boxing fans. But he is an inspiration to me by his words. When I started knowing more about him on the web I also got into what Rocky Balboa said. Their words put together inspired me and motivated me that I can do whatever if I push myself into doing those things. 
Muhammad Ali
I'm gonna show you how great I am. 
Now that is one short sentence but to me, it is more than enough. Reading it the way he said it makes the person I really am inside to seek out, little by little. The person inside me who is more confident of my skills. The person who will keep me moving towards my goal.
Rocky Balboa
This kid is going to be the best kid in the world. This kid is gonna be somebody better than anybody I ever knew. 
Let me tell you something you already know, the world ain't all sunshine and rainbows. It's a very mean and nasty place and I don't care how tough you are, it will beat you to your knees and keep you there permanently if you let it. [...] . But it ain't about how hard you hit. It's about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward. How much you can take and keep moving forward. That's how winners are done. Now if you know what you're worth then go and get what you're worth but you've gotta be willing to take the hits. 
When I heard this track I literally felt like they were talking to me and I felt the energy so much that I cried a little but with joy and I literally went to my room and started doing this illustration and recorded as well just it in case I wanted to so I didn't have to regret it. So thankfully I did record it and now I finally uploaded it on YouTube!!!
I've always wanted to upload videos on YouTube but somethings kept holding me holding back and that is why I mentioned Rocky. He is the reason to why I finally posted my first video on YouTube and I can't wait for the next video I upload. It will not always be illustrations. During some time I have collected some clips that I've recorded. But we'll get to that on another post. 
R.I.P. Muhammad Ali. He was a GREAT man indeed. He was also funny and wise. One of many things he keeps saying about himself is that he is PRETTY. Ali said that the world needed a champ who was pretty like him which is kind of funny haha.