​ 1st Flashback + Few Updates!
Good day sweeties! As you can see, this is my flashback post. It's the first time I've done this on the blog so I created a new category "Flashback Friday". Keep in mind that this might not be every week but at least once a month *fingers crossed. This will also help me post more often.
I thought that I should post this one because as you already know I wanted to make my first flashback post and I also want to mention a few other things. 
But before I start on that, I want to write shortly about Lizel and the overall story about this day. I'm sure most of you have heard of her from my older posts or maybe you're even one of her viewers (if you are, WELCOME TO MY BLOG enjoy :). Well, Lizel and I have known each other for several years and we are pretty close friends. We have a lot in common and one of them is our biggest interest which is photography. That is why some of my posts include mentioning her but we have been super busy lately and we haven't had much time to hang out but we kept in contact during that time of course. 
Lizel and I met only twice after my birthday and it was also during the month of my birthday, January. We didn't meet again until about a week or two ago. That is when I took these pictures. This day Lizel and I decided to meet because she wanted my help to create her website. If you personally know Lizel then you would know that she never know what she wants. HAHA. Well not about everything but "I don't know" is her phrase. She knows what she DO NOT like, that's for sure. 
So creating her website would have taken forever if we didn't decide to meet. BUT YO!!! Even this wasn't easy. After going to Espresso house where Lizel got this mud cake and this chai latte for me, we went to my place to start working on the storyboard and she was like, not even there. She was super distracted by her thoughts. And her phone but only in the beginning. Lizel, I know you're reading this and this may not be true to you but this is what it was like in my perspective^^ Moving on... So I asked Lizel my first question about her website. She wasn't prepared for that question at all even though it's a typical question. The other thing was that I wanted her to draw squares and rectangles, I added "you don't have to do it perfectly, you may draw a rectangle like a little child if you'd like. No pressure". But that was too hard. HAHA. The result? Not a single square on the paper! So I moved on by asking her to check other websites and then show me what she liked about them. A bit of a struggle but she did a good job! GOOD JOB LIZEL. We also went through other things; the pages, contents that would be in it, fonts and such. That went well too. The last part wasn't easy for Lizel. Picking a color. It was not a color palette. She would then most likely not like the colors. Instead, it was endless of colors that she could play with to get the perfect color that she likes. And she is pretty specific so I had to make her do that. I mean imagine how I would get the perfect shade of purple, pink, or whatever color to make Lizel happy. So I'm sorry, Lizel, for making you do that. But the important thing is that she got it done! The only thing she has do is to send me the contents (photographs) whenever she is able to so that I can start building the site. 
Oh, and I didn't finish the Chai Latte so I brought it home :) 
The other things I wanted to say is that I met Lizel again the same week, I believe, to photograph Rocka Sockorna-Festival and on Sunday we will meet again to photograph another event in Allum. Robin Bengtson from Melodifestivalen will also be there and that is the main reason why we are going. 
So stay tuned for those and I also have other posts to share with y'all so stay tuned for all that NEW-NEW.