My new Contour Kit
Just bought this nice contour kit by Pashion Cosmetics. I was just looking around the store when I saw this one and it reminded me that I have been wanting to buy a contour kit for a while now so I decided to check it out. I really needed this because I like to have all-in-one kind of things. Except for my eyeshadows, I don't really have any highlight/contour or blush pallettes. I used to have some, but I haven't got myself new ones. 
So lately, I've been having a few problems when I'm in a rush and can't decide what I shall put in my makeup bag without it starting to feel a little heavy, or just being able to fit just because I use a small makeup bag to help me take less stuff with me.
BUT NOW!! I'm so happy because this thing totally saves time + it has a super nice mirror (now I don't have to bring an extra mirror).
Haha and of course, if you know me. I only buy things if I like both the product and the price (It ain't the best brand but it does the job and that's all I need^^).
▷ Grand Parfymeri for 99:- (Not bad !!).