Lizel planned something for this day and I knew about it once she told me to not go anywhere on my birthday. Last year, Lizel and & my other friend Madde was able to surprise me without me having a clue because my mom had a part in it. But this time, she didn't know who to go to because my mom is on vacation in the Philippines. 
I actually had a bad feeling because I don't want to make any of my friends feel like they have to do something just because they know that I don't really celebrate my birthday. And I even told Lizel that we could celebrate another time, but she refused to and I felt bad in the end because I know that she always put a lot of effort to things. On new years eve, I called Madde to wish her a happy new year and to ask her if she wanted to come on my birthday so that it could be like last time when it was just us three having a laugh. But she told me that she was busy but I had no issue with that. We can always meet another day. I don't like to make things like that a big deal. We can always meet another time.
♡ ♡ ♡
I let Lizel come in my place and right when I locked the door, somebody rang the doorbell. I opened the door thinking that it was the neighbor but no haha it was Madde!^^ I was so surprised and happy to see her! ❤︎
Later on after packing down my camera and getting myself ready, we took the tram to the city and to the best Asian grocery store (that I know of) called Saigon and ate at the small restaurant they have there. We ordered 3 meals that we all shared, but they didn't let me pay!! One of the meals we ordered was spring rolls expecting the usual spring rolls and that we would love it, like any other spring rolls we've had. But no, it wasn't. I'm not going to be too detailed about it but we're not saying it's bad, it was just not for us^^ Rest of the food was BOMB ! ! !
After lunch, Lizel handed over an envelope for me to open. I opened it and saw this super cute birthday card! Reading this made me emotional. It was kind of hard to cry (like I usually do) because Lizel was recording me and we were in public hehe. But it was really sweet! Then I saw this pink card that says Liseberg. It is a free entrance for the whole year!! Some of you may know that I never go Liseberg. I haven't been there for many years, except that one short time last year. But I have always wanted to so that I can take loads more awesome pictures!!! Like like like concerts and other events that they have there!! Liseberg always go big with stuff like that. THIS IS PERFECT!!!! .. and super unexpected O.o THANK YOUUU 
❤︎ ❤︎ ❤︎
Lizel and I planned to buy Boba after lunch but I didn't feel like buying because it takes time for me to decide haha, so I said maybe next time. Lizel did buy a drink, and kind enough to let me taste a few times^^ All of us continued hanging out for a while. We passed by at Åhlens for Lizel and I saw a tape dispenser there that I wanted to buy almost a month ago so I decided to just buy it. Our next stop was in MQ, again for Lizel hehe. She was looking for a jacket that her mom requested but no luck. 
My friends were craving something sweet and I kind of did too, but I felt really full so I had to do some thinking while walking to the Espresso House. I decided to buy one in the end! 
We went out and took these pictures before separating towards different locations. It was really nice hanging out with my friends. We had some laughs wich is my favorite thing to do! I don't have a picture for this part but in the end, Lizel actually took the bus with me since she was gonna visit someone who lives near me. But right after getting out the bus, we took our separate ways. 
I came home and edited a picture (first picture in this post) to upload on facebook and other social media sites of mine. Saved it on my phone and sat in my bed while uploading it on Instagram (+Twitter +Tumblr) and then Facebook. I was struggling to keep my eyes open while writing on facebook haha. But I managed in time hehe. 
Once again after writing to every person who congratulated me, I would like to thank everyone with all of my heart to those who wished me a happy birthday. It seriously means a lot! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU. Special thanks to Lizel and Madde who were so sweet and made my day!! So much love to yall ❤︎ ❤︎ ❤︎