A new beginning..
I want to start this post with something that I wrote a few weeks ago...

So much to do. I feel stuck. I have heard of the saying do what you love and I understand the meaning of it like everyone else. For some, it’s easier to actually get to that goal and have their dream come true. I am struggling. But I have a harder time to let it all go and give up. I believe too much in the true meaning of joy in life that millions of people are searching for, including me. I am thankful to have known from an early age what I want to do in my future. But growing up I started second guessing if I could actually make it. That just made my dream more and more faded through time. Right now, my future is a blur. But one thing is crystal clear and it’s that I still know what I love to do. It’s the only thing that hasn't changed the past decade. I have decided to push myself to get somewhere and trust my current journey until I see my path towards my dream again. I won’t give up!


Since I wrote that, I started being harder to myself. I wrote down a list of what I have to do and noticed that I will have to step out of my comfort zone to make good possibilities happen.

••• GOOD NEWS •••

» Yesterday I went on an interview in one of my absolute favorites shops and they have agreed to let me try out working there! I am equally nervous as I am excited to start doing new things that I’m about to experience.


» I have also heard of a secret project that people are working on. I didn’t get enough hints so my brain has gone wild on creative ideas of things they are probably working on^^
#1 hint December ~ That is already a huge month on its own! Plus making this a secret makes it so much more interesting to me.
#2 hint My part ~ If they would want me to be working with them, my part of the project would be something I’m good at of course haha. So maybe it’s photography, illustrations, editing or something like that. Again they wouldn’t exactly say because it’s a secret so I only get to know very little.



I think that’s the end of the hints I got. Not much ey, but I’m so interested and praying hard that I’ll be part of it!

I had more to say but noticed that I started getting off topic so I may save it for another time.


I photographed these pictures back in April during an event called Hanami at Botaniska Trädgård.

It was a beautiful day for this particular event and it felt very special with all kinds of people just having a wonderful time with friends and family.

16000 people came here to this event which actually became their new record!  

Their previous record was actually also during Hanami where they hit 11000 people.

H U G S !


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