Earth Hour 2016
Hey sweeties! I've missed posting here for myself and y'all of course! My friend Lizel actually on the phone with me right now to make sure that I'm awake so that I can finally post something!!
I have been super busy lately with such little/bad sleep for the last couple of weeks. But enough of that, I have more posts that are soon to come. I also can't wait to post an update but I bet that it'll come after a few other posts. 
As y'all can see this is an Earth Hour event post. This years Earth Hour event was on Saturday, March 19th, from 8.30 p.m. to 9.30 p.m (during your local time) and it is celebrated once every year worldwide. To those who do not know what we actually do on this day: 
❥ The rule is to basically turn off all non-essential lights and to focus on our planet.
It's super easy to do. We should be doing that more often too. Every month/week or why not everyday? :) I mean who doesn't love candle lights nowadays? It's a pretty relaxing hour too. We can gather with our family, friends or anyone actually and maybe do some board games.
The things you can do on the Earth Hour event are endless and the rule (above) is what all the participants do. Some do more than that. So if you are interested on more info, check this out:
I have to confess that I almost forgot all about it until I saw an info on Snapchat by National Geographic. I am so happy that I didn't miss this event like the last few years. 
I lightened some candles, took some pictures,held a blanket over me and turned off the lights. Oh and the black candle light is pretty cool because it changes color. I'm not sure where you can get it though. I believe that my mom got it as a gift and it was her idea for me to take pictures of it ♥
⇢ How did y'all celebrate this event? ⇠
Lizel Strömberg

- Men jag är glad att du är tillbaka och bloggar igen, så jag äntligen kan läsa en bra blogg med kvalité! ;)

Svar: Hahahaha! Yes, well it's time for me to do some actions here. Stay tuned for the upcoming posts, more is to come!! Men det visste du väl redan ..? xP
Carol Blomarv

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