Kathryn Bernardo
It's been a while since I posted anything on my blog except for the previous one so I will be explaining a short version of why I've been away.
Although I am gonna save that post for later. 
This is a quick illustration of Kathryn Bernardo who is a Philippine celebrity. And I didn't say, actress, because as most celebs in the Philippines, she does more than just her amazing series & movie acts. She also sings and models for magazines. One of those magazines is MEGA which is the biggest fashion magazine in the Philippines where she models for one of thé best photographers (in my opinion) Mark Nicdao. 
I don't know much but I just love humble celebs and just a few days ago I wished I had Marks job, haha so I thought why not make illustrations instead because I don't think my dream job will come true and I picked Kathryn because she's the first person on my list who I would like to photograph. Well, actually Kathryn and Daniel because they are a love-team. Maybe I should make an illustration of them together?
Some of you may have already seen this illustration of Kathryn because I already shared it on Instagram two days ago. Speaking of Instagram, I will always be active there because it's my go-to place in the cyber world. So when I am not blogging, you can catch me there! @CarolBlomarv
Lizel Strömberg

Asså, seriöst jag orkar inte. Du är så sjukt talangfull! Älskar bilden! <3

Svar: Tack sweetie! 🙏🏼 Jag tror att jag sparar komplimangen till framtida mig som kan bättre på illustrator ✨❤️
Carol Blomarv

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