Welcome to my blog & happy fresh start!
I have finally come to a point where I decided to do what I always wanted. I mean, I have always been happy with "Carol Gabriel" because it is actually my name (Gabriel is my middle name) but it didn't really fit in with how I wanted to identify myself. Blomarv is my actual last name and I am proud of it. I have nothing bad to say about my last name. The only reason I avoided using it as usernames and such is because my friends always had a hard time saying it in the right way. Most of them say "Blomma...?" (meaning flower, in Swedish). And so I was afraid of changing from Gabriel to Blomarv because I felt like people got used to it. Some of them didn't even know that Gabriel ISN'T my last name! 
I still love my middle name and I will forever have that name, just not for the web. It's so hard to create a name for yourself nowadays with all the social media without it having to be already taken.
Just for me personally, if I choose to have the same username for ALL my social media to be like "CarolGabriel", does NOT mean that I want one of my social usernames to have a dot or underscore and maybe another with numbers. NOOOO! It honestly makes me feel so irritated, especially when the username I want is not just taken but also UNused!!
Except for my last name being unique like super unique that it's probably just me, my siblings and my dad (incl. his relatives, I guess) are the only ones who has that name, I am glad that I can finally use it and letting people know that this is still me. There is only ONE of me which makes me happy that ain't no other Carol Blomarv out there who'd be using my name! OK so that was little dramatic, but honestly, I've had a hard time writing this post without being a little dramatic. I had to do some clean-ups in this text before getting ready to publish haha.  


Oh, and why did I create this new blog? I honestly didn't want to do that even if I wanted to start fresh but it was the only way because the host that I am using (blogg.se) doesn't allow URL changing so I simply had to create a new one. You may visit my old blog if you want, it's www.CarolGabriel.blogg.se


❤︎ ❤︎ ❤︎ Thank you to those who still supports me! Love y'all ❤︎ ❤︎ 

I have so many plans for this blog now that I finally feel free to start without feeling that something isn't right.

This blog has a similar design to my previous blog, although I already made a few changes before publishing this blog. The content size is 20% larger which I've always wanted to do so I am very happy that I got that done too. As you can see, I have written down lists of, ideas, projects etc. Oh and even started working on a website, which is almost done. A lot of progress has been done behind this blog during the holiday and that can be a reason for a lack of blog posts this first month.


Just so you all know, the EXACT time and date of this blog post are the actual time and date of the birth of this blog haha. 

I will be uploading a couple of my latest post from my old blog in this blog too, so don't get confused when seeing that they are actually older dated posts on this blog (because I just changed it to the same time and date as the original).


I hope that you're not getting too confused now. I am kind of starting to so, let's end this post on a happy note :)

I am very thankful that you visited my blog and even more to those who used to visit my previous blog! I am super thankful to all of you, and I can't wait to see what 2016 has to offer.

❤︎ I wish you all love, more blessings, great memories & a happy happy happy new year!!!!


♡ ♡ ♡

You can now connect with me through:

Twitter & Instagram: @CarolBlomarv


Email: CarolBlomarv@gmail.com


BTW... doesn't it look fresh? Comment down below what you think :)