Happy Easter
Happy Easter sweeties! I hope y'all have a great time celebrating. I don't have much to share and I haven't done most of the things people usually do. I had plans for this day but I guess it'll have to be next easter instead. I wanted to do decorations and paint some eggs and maybe do some activities with my siblings. But that day will come :) So, let's get this post started.
When I was out shopping (mostly for valentine's) at a flower shop where I always go to, I saw that the store was almost empty. I first thought that it was because they had discounts so maybe many people came early and that I just missed most of it because I came near closing time. But no. One of the two people who were working there said that they had to close the store down. We didn't get deep into why but I just felt really sad for them. All I could say was that I'm sorry and wished them a brighter future. 
Shortly after that I found a cute plant (haven't posted a photo of it yet) for myself. I didn't buy anything for mom because I didn't find anything, well I didn't had much to choose from either. So, I started thinking on where to go next (to find the flower for mom) and then right when I took the exit of the store, I found this nice one (photo above). I bought it as a gift for mom that is actually meant for Valentine's Day because I wasn't able to give her anything that time. The card was an earlier purchase meant for someone else but it matched with the flowers so I decided to give the card to my mom and I can buy a different one for the other person instead.
Right after purchasing the flowers and while my card in my wallet, I could see the woman (who also works at the store - let's say that her name was Lisa) from the corner of my eye giving some flowers to the guy I paid to (we can call him Ben) and basically heard something drop in my flower bag. I looked up, super confused like what just happened? Ben was just looking at me smiling as he was hiding something. I looked around quickly to see if Lisa was around but I couldn't see her. So I looked back at Ben and asked "did you guys do something when I looked away?", but the only response I got was a bigger smile.
I couldn't really think straight at the time so I grabbed my flower bag from the counter and checked if the pink flowers (wrapped with some think paper) was standing stable. That's when I saw the flowers above. 
I said "so you guys DID put something in my bag..?!"^^ I asked why but I only got a smile back hehe. I wanted to hug them as a thank you and maybe because I am a hugger, but I didn't because I was sweating a bit. So I said thank you instead with a huge smile in my face.
Mom also had a little something for me haha, I literally felt like a five-year-old when I got this easter egg. I do love the coconut juice, though. It's one of my favorite drinks that I just can't say no to. Like. Ever. I LOVE COCONUT JUICE. It's the only thing I'd rather not share with anyone haha. I also a Pocky with strawberry flavor. My mom always buys Pocky for me for some reason. I rarely choose to buy one myself, but it's very sweet of her ♥
This is basically how the food was like nothing super traditional on this type of day but it was ALOT of food. It took some time to finish a plate, I had to take at least 2 breaks before I could finish!
I'm ending this post with a photo I took the other day. I don't know what to feel about this picture. I hesitated several times on sharing this. I also don't know why I'm going to. But.. I'm sharing it anyways...