My theme ~ Design
I often redo my personal designs because I am still trying to find my own style. I feel that I have come a long way on that part both in my designs and photo editing.

I finally have my finished color palette!
This took some time even if I already knew what colors I wanted. The hard part was which shade I know I can stick by.
I now have a lighter and darker color of pink and blue. 3 shades of grey and the last 2 are black and white.

My all-time favorite font for simplicity is Century Gothic. It has been my go-to font ever since I first used a computer! So I had to have it in my theme along with the font called "Mark my words". I have been looking for a font like that in several years and I’m so happy that I finally got the one.
Of course, I added some other fonts in my theme just as a backup.

In the very beginning I wanted to have CB as a logo but not in handwriting. The C was supposed to be a bold one and B a lower or uppercase and thin. I did some searching on google but it seemed like many of those logos I found was very alike to my sketches. It didn’t work out because I wanted mine to be unique and personal so I had to start over. Which brings us to my current logo that I am very satisfied with! I drew it as a sketch on my phone, transferred to my laptop and finished the logo in Illustrator. I also have a bold C logo that I don't use at all but still decided to keep in my files.
Last but not least ~ Me ^^
I wasn't into the whole floating head thing and the hair. Sure I wanted it curly and huge as it is in real life but it looked better in my sketch than it did when I finished. The hair sticking outwards wasn't supported by lines on the inside so it ended up looking really weird. I wanted to fix it but was too annoyed to bother I guess.

And I think it was for the best anyway because my actual hair has become more straight through time! And no, I haven't done anything to make that happen. Not intentionally and not that I know of. Some say it's because my hair is long and I understand what they mean but I don't think that's what it is in my case. I have thought about it and I remember that through the years ever since I was a baby my curls kept changing. When I was a baby/toddler I had very curly hair but since I was like 8 to 14 years old, my hair was slightly straighter. After that, it started getting more curly again. Now we are back to what my hair looked like at age 8 - 14.

Moving on!
So, I also had to do something about the floating head part. It looked too weird. 
I felt a little bit stuck at first because I couldn’t decide if I was gonna choose a V neck or a slight round one. I even tried other styles.
I was playing around by making a V neck and have the end part of the dress rounded (check the image above). I made an extra copy of it turned it upside-down and pulled the round part inward and voila ~ a collar has been made! I am so happy with the result!
Glasses & eyebrows
The eyebrows are still the same in a way. I just had to move it a bit and make it slightly longer. Now I don't look so angry ^^
The new eyeglasses were made from scratch. I will add some reflections on it sometime soon.

Now that I've mentioned that.. I realise that its the only thing I made from scratch except for the dress that I've added. The hair looks very new but it's actually based on the old one. I just moved, removed and added point lines.

All these small changes combined made a huge difference for the looks but in a good way.

Obviously, I will make very slight changes through time just for improvement and keeping it fresh hehe but this is the base and I won't make any major changes anymore.

I've wanted to publish this post a while ago but I kept holding back because I knew I still had much to do. Now that it's done, I hope you enjoyed it as I have tried my best to keep this as informative as it is compact.