​ Lady the Pitbull

Just wanna share this 2 photos of a sweet dog I met a few weeks back. I was actually having a bad day for some reason and I decided to do something I used to do a long time ago whenever I felt sad or needed to get my mind off things. On this day I kind of had a weird feeling from the moment I woke up. I don't really know what emotion to call it.
What I usually do when I go through some negative thoughts or feelings, sometimes even not knowing why I feel that way (just like that day), I basically take a walk. I know that many people do that and maybe they even go to a specific place or listen to a specific song that helps them go through their situation. Mine is to take my camera with me and just chill while walking (if that makes any sense). Noticing what's around me and what's happening. What catches my attention and interest. Take pictures of whatever I see on the way and sometimes even if I know that I will only delete it afterward haha. But that's my way. Depending on what situation I am in, somethings are harder to get passed than others as usual.
I took pretty random pictures that day but I'll probably save them for next time.
The good thing about taking a walk is that sometimes unexpected things happen. It doesn't always have to be something really special but simply unexpected.
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On this day I met this sweet dog and her owner kindly let me pet and even take some pictures of her pet named Lady. Sadly they weren't all focused so I ended up only having these 2 pictures. But, I'm happy even if I got none because Lady truly made me smile that day! 
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